Monday, January 31, 2011

Ribbon Flowers

This year I'm getting married. It could be no other way that I would hand-make as many things as possible. I am designing my dress, and my mother is making it. She will also make my cake. I'm making the invitations. I'm thrifting a great number of other things. I may even make the candles. And yes, I will also make the flowers. The idea of ribbon and fabric flowers disgusted me at first. Dirty-pink-old-woman-curtain-looking things came to mind. Ugh. But then I saw these. I fell in love. I HAD to make them.

I don't usually do the crafty sort of thing with needle and thread, but I've done some sewing in my time and thought this shouldn't be so hard. Well, many many many attempts later, I have what looks like a decent ribbon flower. My technique needs refined, particularly with folding consistent petals, but I'm proud.

Notes to self:
Don't use shiny ribbon - it doesn't hold! It just slides around.
Use strong enough thread. Many of my flowers could have been saved if not for weak thread.
Make small folds in the ribbon, or your petals will be flimsy.

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