Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Celebrated With Bubble Tea

When I brought Emily my idea for a new project, she didn't tell me I was crazy. A couple weeks in I wished she had: what was I thinking attempting to recreate such a masterful rendition? Three months later, I'm driving home proud with a huge accomplishment under my belt. The funny thing is no one else knows about it. Week after week it was just the two of us in a tiny, sweaty room, half of them I with my head against the wall (literally and figuratively). I've studied under other instructors, and that was as far I've ever gotten - frustration - but today is different. Today I can sing anything I want because I can sing just one song. Today I'm not bound to flip at A or A#. Today I can restrain my vibrato long enough to tell you a story. I only wish I had a stage and backup.

So that's my next musical endeavor: learning Eva Cassidy's "Wayfaring Stranger" on piano.

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